Kleiman - Biomechanical Correction Technique is a functional model for treating joint restrictions with corrective exercises.  The program is based on biomechanics and the well-documented concept that a change in joint position affects movement and function. The goal of Kleiman-BCT is to teach the patient to assess, correct, & prevent joint restriction and maintain functional joint biomechanics.

Kleiman-BCT is:
  • Broad-based in its application to joints of the body  
  • Appropriate for all ages  
  • Adaptable for varying physical abilities  
  • Economical, requiring common items/tools to perform  
  • Time efficient (i.e. specific check test can be performed in less than 60 seconds)
Based on the pattern of restriction, the identified pattern can be classified into a treatment category:
  1. Neutral  
  2. Flexion  
  3. Extension
The treatment category guides treatment through a two-phase BCT program:
I. Intervention Phase
A. BCT Check Tests
B. BCT Correction Exercises
C. BCT Stabilization Exercises

II. Prevention Phase
D. BCT Stretching Exercises
E. BCT Strengthening Exercises
F. BCT Activity Performance Skills

*A comprehensive program of both phases is recommended for optimal long term benefits but is not required. Treatment may include conventional physical therapy agents and ancillary treatments (i.e. Mobilization, Myofascial Release, McKenzie MDT, Strain-Counterstrain, etc.).