theoretical basis

Theoretical Basis
Kleiman-BIOMECHANICAL CORRECTION TECHNIQUES® uses active patient-controlled force(s) through specific exercises to improve joint motion and restore function.
The theoretical basis for KLEIMAN-BIOMECHANICAL CORRECTION TECHNIQUES® is well established and based on the principles of clinical anatomy, physics, and geometry. It is unique in its application of biomechanics with exercise to improve function. The exercise program requires a degree of precision in its performance to achieve optimal results.

Biomechanical Correction Technique Check Tests allow patients to assess joint movement by comparing arc of motion and ease of performance; both can be altered by skeletal-muscular restrictions. Theoretically, an unrestricted joint demonstrates a full arc of motion.  Kleiman-BCT Check Tests can identify the pattern of restriction and provide guidelines for self-treatment. BCT Check Tests also identify individual joint restrictions without a need to isolate the exact joint coupling pattern present.