theoretical basis

Kleiman-BIOMECHANICAL CORRECTION TECHNIQUES® uses active patient-controlled force(s) through specific exercises to improve joint motion and restore function.
The theoretical basis for KLEIMAN-BIOMECHANICAL CORRECTION TECHNIQUES® is well established and based on the principles of clinical anatomy, physics, and geometry. It is unique in its application of biomechanics with exercise to improve function. The exercise program requires a degree of precision in its performance to achieve optimal results.

Biomechanical Correction Technique Check Tests allow patients to assess joint movement by comparing arc of motion and ease of performance; both can be altered by skeletal-muscular restrictions. Theoretically, an unrestricted joint demonstrates a full arc of motion.  Kleiman-BCT Check Tests can identify the pattern of restriction and provide guidelines for self-treatment. BCT Check Tests also identify individual joint restrictions without a need to isolate the exact joint coupling pattern present.

The past five decades have brought limited improvement in successful treatment of low back problems despite significant advances in medical technology. The time is right for a new treatment approach: Kleiman-Biomechanical Correction Technique.

It is the hope of Dr. Kleiman that BCT can help reclaim and redefine the profession of physical therapy and provide an alternate treatment for skeletal-muscular dysfunctions in the twenty-first century.